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Slobodan Jovanovic

Born on June 22, 1968 in Belgrade, he has been practicing martial arts since an early age. He has practiced karate and boxing and since 1985 he has met Ljubomir Vracarevic, creator of the Real Aikido style and has started practicing real aikodo. Slobodan has one of the largest Real Aikido clubs today (6 sections). He is a master of the 6th day black belt in Real Aikido and the 2nd day black belt at AIKI Ju-jutsu. work with children from 4 to 15 years old.

He has conducted trainings in various security structures, both in Serbia and in many European countries! He has held dozens of seminars and training on security in theEurope. Licensed IBSSA (International Bodyguard Security Services Assotiation) Instructor.
He completed several courses (training) for IBSSA with the assistance of Stevan Djokic from the DBA (Detective Security Agency). He graduated from the School of Transportation in Novi Sad at TIMSU (Faculty of Sports and Tourism) he graduated as a coach at JU-Jutsu, and in Belgrade. He olso graduated from the School of Sports and Health as a Real Aikido trainer.
He is a member of the Independent Police Union – NSP, Special Coordinator in the Union of Police and Police Elders – SPIPS, a member of the Union of Gendarmerie – SOZ and has a Business and Technical Cooperation Agreement with them, a member of the European Police Association – EPA, and instructor at IBSSA and instructor at the Center for security, investigations and defense DBA.